The Mirror Image of Ryan Gander

Ryan Gander from London, England produced the piece pictured above entitled Out of Sight (All on my own).  This piece is located in the Arsenale at Venice Biennial Art 2011.  The figures are reproductions of a Degas ballerina and are juxtaposed (along with the blue cubes and white plinths) to appear as mirror images.

The instillation and title begin reflections concerning isolation and the effect that has on the way we percieve the world around us.   The artist did not create his own figurative  sculptural design, but refers to Degas ballerinas.   It was a particular choice.  Are the two blocks juxtaposed to keep the figure company, or do they trap the her?  Maybe they hide the figure?  Also the figure is kneeling on the ground.  Do we look down upon this compilation or join it on the ground in order to empathize with what is going on?  When one is on their own, are they really alone?   Are their multiple parts to a person?  Does looking into oneself keep someone from percieving the rest of the world that is around one?  Interesting questions arise from ones contemplation of this piece.

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A note about the author

is a visual artist based in Indianapolis. She is drawn to natural, organic objects and portrays them with oil on textured surfaces. Often, she presents her subject in dynamic still life with a shift of time through movement or growth-decay.