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Clean Studio

After the marathon painting of the last few months (many 2 AM plus bedtimes with a toddler making a wake up call for me between 7-8am), I have run out of time and cleaned up my stuido.


The final piece, which is on the easel on the right, did not get completed, but it was a long shot to think that it would be. However, you can get a sneak peak at the large one on the left!

Lake Reflecting Light

The glow on the water and the dance of the light and dark changes in the greenery attracted me to this scene. I was able to stand under the shade of a foot bridge to paint this scene. However I was a little worried when a father and son came along and started throwing rocks into the small river next to me. They didn’t know I was there and I did not want to be hit by a rock – ouch! 6Michigan6416bweb Buy with PayPal...

1. Tree Line

This painting was started in plein air and finished in my studio.  The vertical lines of the trees and their reflections is what drew me in.  I was interested in the change of contrast and value of the reflections as they shift from the left to right in the view.  It was raining so I had to paint in my car, but through the dreariness I found something interesting.


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