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Studio Tips: Babies in the Workspace

I have several jobs that I love. I love to paint.  I love to teach.  I love caring for my long awaited little miracle – my son.  Here are some thoughts on managing the studio with a young baby.  I have had to learn to work hard in short spurts of time between meeting the needs of the baby.  When I first arrive at the studio, I squirt out my paint and make a plan in my head for what needs to be done to the painting that day.  After that, it was time to take a break and care for the little one.  It is possible to paint and be a mom – although I have less time and energy for...

Splendid Menagerie: Open Studio on December 6th

Save some of your Christmas shopping for December 6th, and stop by and purchase local art or art class gift certificates!  My studio, Studio B350 in the Stutz will be open as part of Splendid Menagerie Open Studios on the First Friday in December.  Stop in anytime from 5pm – 9pm and see my new studio and recent work.  While you are in the Stutz, see other artists who are opening up their studio, the Stutz Gallery with the group show Splendid Menagerie, and then head to other IDADA First Friday events.

Stutz B350: My Studio in Downtown Indianapolis

Below are some pictures of my new workspace, Studio B350 in the Stutz Business Center,  in Downtown Indianapolis.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy day when I took them.  I really like the light in the studio and on a sunny day the reflection off of the opposite section of building and the window can be beautiful.  Here is a link to my artist page on the Stutz website.  You can also look at the other artists listed there.