Breaking out of the Shell

I am posting three new eggshell paintings in series, Morning Promise.  Although the majority of the painting was done last fall I have recently added the final layers to three new eggshell paintings.  These paintings are similar to the eggshell painting that was posted in November.  They create a mini series where I investigated the beauty of contrived patterns of broken shells.

This is an interesting time to introduce this mini-series as the time corresponds to the Easter season.  However, instead of intricate designs upon eggs, I have placed brown eggshells in a pattern with an emphasis on their present emptiness.  They are the remnants or shells of what was once there.  The eggshell is broken. To me the shell is something that has been overcome.  Think about times when you have grown and developed and broken out of a shell and left the pieces leading up to the empty shell.  The shell has been conquered and lies overcome.  The pieces point to the emptiness and defeat of what the shell stood for.

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A note about the author

is a visual artist based in Indianapolis. She is drawn to natural, organic objects and portrays them with oil on textured surfaces. Often, she presents her subject in dynamic still life with a shift of time through movement or growth-decay.