Brazen Bleu Butterfly Abstract Painting on HGTV Good Bones

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Brazen Bleu, one of my butterfly abstract oil paintings was chosen to be used in a season 2 episode of the HGTV show Good Bones. Good Bones (you may also see the name “Two Chicks and a Hammer” around the web) is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. A mother and daughter team revitalize distressed homes and sell them.  My painting has appeared in some promotional advertisements for the second season of the show.  The clip is currently (as of June 6, 2017) on the first video of the Featured Video section of the HGTV Good Bones website.


I don’t have cable and hadn’t seen the show – but during the last few weeks the first season has been available online at and I binge watched the first season!  I really enjoyed the show.  Karen and Mina are relatable.  I enjoyed seeing how committed to the Indianapolis community they are and how they use local artists and businesses.  I love the renovations that they did to the houses.  I always enjoy seeing the life that comes into the house -my favorite part of the show is when they reveal the final product.   After seeing the show I feel even more blessed to have them decide to include one of my butterfly paintings in one of their renovations.

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A note about the author

is a visual artist based in Indianapolis. She is drawn to natural, organic objects and portrays them with oil on textured surfaces. Often, she presents her subject in dynamic still life with a shift of time through movement or growth-decay.